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For years I suffered from chronic high blood pressure, and only being in my 30s, my doctor gave me the option to take medication (I said no). I have decided to switch my diet completely. What is pescatarianism? This lifestyle follows a vegetarian diet but consumes seafood as a source of protein. Who knows, not dieting and eating an abundance of whole foods, vegetables, and fruits is the way to go. I founded MelsHealthyBowl, with a mission to share with others my health journey as a pescatarian and my love for food. There’s still a lot to learn from this lifestyle, but I will share recipe ideas that will help you in your life-changing path. Follow me on social media to stay connected for more food & health coaching tips.

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Melshealthybowl is a food and lifestyle blog for everyone who loves simple meal prep and family recipes. Featuring tried and authentic recipes for seafood, plant-based, and more.


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