My Health Journey

My name is Melanie, and I’m here to share my health journey with you. I’ve always struggled with my weight after High school, and I’ve tried many different diets and exercise programs. Some worked for me, but it lasted only a short time. After that, I was back to yo-yo dieting. Then, after my second pregnancy, I gained more weight that I couldn’t lose. I was starting to lose hope. But then, I found something that worked for me. So finally, after three years, I lost over 41 pounds, which I’ve maintained for over a year and counting. I’m so excited to share my story with you, and I hope it will inspire you to reach your health and weight loss goals. Losing weight can be challenging but possible with the right motivation and support.

I was motivated to lose weight for many reasons. But I had a complete vision; I also wanted to stay healthy. First, my kids are the number one reason I wanted to work on my health. They are my world, and I want to be here for as long as possible to provide for them. Second, I was tired of being overweight. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I was not too fond of the way I looked. I also started to have health problems, and I knew my weight contributed to them. I knew I needed to change, so I focused on my health and lost weight.

There were many challenges that I faced on my weight loss journey. One of the biggest challenges was finding the motivation to stick with it. There were many times when I wanted to give up, but I knew I had to keep going for my health. Another challenge was changing my eating habits. I had to relearn and start how to cook healthy meals and make better food choices. That was when I researched, changed my lifestyle, and became a pescatarian. I started eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I also cut back on processed foods, sugary drinks, and unhealthy fats. Making small changes to my diet was much easier than overhauling my eating habits overnight. Finally, the pandemic did not make it easy to go out and shop during quarantine, and temporary food shortages in some stores where we lived. I also had to find an exercise routine I enjoyed while stuck at home since our local gym was closed during the lockdown in 2020. My fiance stuck with me, and we both tried beach body 21-day fix exercises and many other home workouts after that. And just like that, fast forward to 3 years later, I found myself in the real world at Orangetheory Fitness, which fits my lifestyle.

I’m so proud of the success that I’ve had on my weight loss journey. I’ve lost over 41 pounds and improved my health dramatically. For example, my blood pressure is now normal and manageable without medication. In addition, I have so much more energy than when I was in my 20s, and this is me with a 4-year-old who constantly tests my endurance daily. I can also do things I couldn’t do before, like zipline and enjoy more strenuous hikes. I’m so grateful for the changes I’ve made in my life, and I know that I’m healthier and happier because of them. I also pursued health coaching during the pandemic because I knew I could help people like me. So if you are feeling stuck and need more motivation, I am here to help you get started with simple changes. During the pandemic, I received two health coaching certifications, and I’m getting ready to take my board exam to be nationally board certified.

Picture Left (In my 20s) Picture Right (Now in my 30s).

If you’re struggling with weight loss and achieving your health goals, I will encourage you to find a support system. Having people who believe in you and can offer encouragement can make a big difference. I recommend finding a healthy eating plan that works for you and an exercise routine you enjoy. And most importantly, don’t give up! It takes time and effort to lose weight, but the result is worth it.

I’d love to help you start your own health journey. So if you’re ready and want the change, Join the Challenge! The accountability virtual challenge will resume in Oct 2023. Please follow me on Instagram to learn more. Hope to see you there!

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